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Hardscaping Elements for a Perfect Yard

If you have yet to hear about what hardscaping is, it is the element in landscaping that is man-made and unmoving. It includes paved or stone walkways, walls, driveways, decks, water features, and of course, patios. Consider anything made of a solid material, cutting a “hard” line through the rest of the yard.

However, when executed professionally, this hard line maintains an organic flow tying the yard together in a central space.

It can be hard to place the right element in the right space, but with our many satisfied clients as evidence, we can confidently say that at The Wall Guys Construction, we have a knack for doing just that.

The Materials Involved

Building a patio as a hardscaping element can employ any material you like. While something like cement may sound like it would be too harsh to properly, that is untrue due to its versatility!


Can be poured into any shape make it ideal for organic flow. It can imitate natural stone or be colored with more unique shades.


Natural stones are a great option to blend with a softer landscape.


Bricks can be shaped easier than you’d think, and give any home a rich, old-world, aesthetic.


Think concrete when you think pavers. They can look like any other stone, are made for easy installation, and even come in eco-friendly recycled plastic.


As excellent and natural a choice as flagstone. Gravel can be poured into any perimeter while still maintaining its organic look.

With the right tools and imagination any landscape can come together into your ideal place for relaxing or entertaining. Let The Wall Guys Construction do the hard work while you make the fun choices!

Don’t Do it Yourself

The hardscaped element of any yard is something permanent and unchanging. You may perform maintenance on it, but once it’s there, it’s not easily removed. The softscaping around it can change, but once your new patio is installed, the rest of the yard will flow around it.

Because of this, we recommend you don’t attempt the layout planning and construction of your patio on your own. At The Wall Guys Construction we offer:

  • Years of design experience, creating the most organic patios
  • Knowledge of permits required
  • Ability to research power and water line locations
  • Knowledge of the best materials to use
  • Connections to the best suppliers who will provide us with discounts
  • Large equipment should it be required
  • A bonded team responsible for any errors

Why give yourself the headache? Whether you’re doing this project on your own or paying professionals, you will be spending money. So, do it right the first time!

The Sky’s the Limit

When it comes to designing and implementing a patio into your greenspace, The Wall Guys Construction are your go-to pros for the job. Throw any dream plans at us, and we’ll make them work!

Over the years we have grown as a dedicated team that provides the best in craftsmanship and customer service. So give us a call today and talk to someone from the The Wall Guys Construction family.

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